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Link Security and SmartHome awarded Top Rated Service Provider.

2/25/15 Metairie, LA – Link Security and SmartHome, based in Metairie, LA has just been awarded the Top Rated provider for security alarm and security camera systems in the Greater New Orleans area.  This prestigious award is given to providers who demonstrate both value and quality in their area of expertise.  More than 90% of […]

Teach Children How to Work Your Home Security System

Tuesday, February 17, 2015 by Art Miller under Safety All persons residing in the house should have an understanding of how your home security system operates—even children. There are three main reasons for teaching your child: Instills the importance of safety and creates a sense of independence. For children, every experience is a learning experience. […]



Home Invasions and How to Prevent Them

02-20-2015 Source; Very few things are as frightening as having the peace and quiet of a home violently interrupted by home invaders who use fear, intimidation, and force to enter a property and victimize its occupants. Anyone who has ever experienced this sort of crime first-hand knows just how traumatizing it can be. The […]

Carbon Monoxide Questions and Answers

What is carbon monoxide (CO) and how is it produced? Carbon monoxide (CO) is a deadly, colorless, odorless, poisonous gas. It is produced by the incomplete burning of various fuels, including coal, wood, charcoal, oil, kerosene, propane, and natural gas. Products and equipment powered by internal combustion engines such as portable generators, cars, lawn mowers, […]

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A Multi-Layered Approach to Burglary Prevention

Source: According to FBI crime statistics, American homes and businesses suffered 1.9 million burglaries in 2013. That’s down 71 percent from the 1994 peak of 6.4 million, but victims still suffered $4.5 billion in property losses – not to mention the emotional difficulties that come from a perceived loss of security. The reality is […]

New Orleans’ major crime took a major jump in 2014, NOPD reports

By Ken Daley, | The Times-Picayune on February 06, 2015 at 8:14 PM, updated February 07, 2015 at 12:54 PM Source:   New Orleans last year saw double-digit percentage increases in reports of virtually every major crime category except murder, according to annual year-end statistics released by the NOPD late Friday. The biggest jumps […]



Why Some Smart Smoke Detectors Are Safer Than Others

January 27, 2015 Source: As a new generation of connected fire and smoke detectors hits the market, it’s important to know that not every detector billed as “smart” delivers the maximum safety for your home and family. A detector that is part of a fully integrated Smart Home is always safer, smarter and more […]

Location Automation: A Deeper Look at’s Geo-Services

February 10, 2015 Source: Different connected home devices – while billed as “smart” devices – don’t all deliver the same level of intelligence. Many simply work on command: you open a mobile app and send a command; the device responds. Other devices are smarter, predicting what you need based on what they have learned […]

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